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BAC Arbitral Award Recognized and Enforced by High Court of Singapore

Publish time: 2023-4-18

The Beijing Arbitration Commission / Beijing International Arbitration Center (“BAC”) has had an ever-growing international caseload since its establishment. In recent three years, it has an annual international caseload of more than 200 arbitration, with an annual disputed amount of RMB9.233 billion, and the parties to such cases come from 63 countries and regions. Records of BAC international and domestic arbitral awards getting recognized and enforced have been seen in a number of countries and regions overseas. 

On 4 April 2023, the High Court of Singapore rendered its judgment on CZD v CZE ([2023] SGHC 86). With respect to the application for setting-aside an enforcement order raised by the defendant, the court held that the BAC arbitral tribunal has acted within its jurisdiction in rendering the award, and the enforcement of the award would not be contrary to public policy. The award has not been effectively satisfied in the enforcement proceedings, and even if it has been satisfied, it would not have resulted in the award being set aside. Therefore, the court dismissed the defendant’s setting-aside application, and ordered that the BAC arbitral award be recognized and enforced. This judgment by the High Court of Singapore further enriched the practice of overseas recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards made by Chinese arbitration institutions. 

The index of the case is: CZD v CZE 2023 SGHC 86

The judgment can be downloaded at :

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