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The Beijing Arbitration Commission (the “BAC”) is established following the promulgation of the Chinese Arbitration Law. During the two decades since then, the BAC has stuck to its values of “independence, fairness, professionalism, efficiency”, and endeavored to keep neutral, expertized, and international, and is recognized as a symbol of the spirit of arbitration and the idea of innovation, with continuous increase in its creditability, public image, and global influence. By December 31, 2013, the BAC has accepted 22,034 arbitrations in total, with the amount in dispute of 106.33 billion RMB. The handling of so many complex commercial disputes has won the BAC extensive experience and sincere trust from arbitration users.

The BAC always emphasizes on theoretical research on ADR, and has founded Beijing Arbitration Quarterly (formerly the Beijing Arbitration Newsletter) to promote ADR related theoretical study, academic discussion, and experience sharing. By October, 2013, 84 volumes of Beijing Arbitration Quarterly has been published, with substantive influence achieved among academics and practitioners, and has become a widely recognized journal within the ADR community. Due to limitation of space, however, it is not easy for this journal to fully reflect the authors’ viewpoints, nor is to systematically expound academic achievements in some specific sectors. In light of this, the BAC made its decision to fund the BAC Work Series, where studies on ADR will be selected, edited, and published into books. The BAC Work Series is expected to attract and collect the cutting-edge academic achievements, and thereby to guide the BAC’s ADR practice and to improve its case administration services. Research fund is also available under the BAC Work Series, in order to sponsor academics with insightful views and in-depth studies, and to promote public share and dissemination of their research productions.

The full name of the BAC Work Series is the BAC New Exploration of Dispute Resolution Series. It aims to encourage and support cutting-edge and explorative studies on diversified dispute resolution. The BAC Work Series collect contributions relating to diversified dispute resolution that is of independent thinking and profound deliberations of the author, with theoretical and practical values. The BAC will provide financial assistance to the BAC Work Series publication and publicity.

For years, the BAC has been working on the promotion of diversified dispute resolution mechanism. And the BAC Work Series will help further the development of researches on diversified dispute resolution. The BAC looks forward to attention and support from its colleagues and friends within the dispute resolution community to the BAC Work Series, as well as their comments and suggestions, and is confident to make the BAC Work Series a time-honored set of books in the field of diversified dispute resolution.

Model Arbitration Clause Arbitration Clause
All disputes arising from or in connection with this contract shall be submitted to Beijing Arbitration Commission / Beijing International Arbitration Center for arbitration in accordance with its rules of arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.
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