Beijing Arbitration Commission

List of Mediators

Name Qualification Specialties Nationality Residence Foreign Language
Bai Ping  Contract,Finance,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
Cai Dongyuan  Banking,Securities Chinese Shanghai English 
Cao Yingchao Senior Engineer Construction Project,Water Engineering and Hydroelectric Project Chinese Henan English 
Chen Guang Lawyer Contract,Internet Copyright,E-commerce,IT Chinese Beijing English 
Chen Jian Associate Professor Finance(E-payment),Intellectual Property,Real Estate Chinese Beijing Russian/English 
Chen Qiming Associate Research Fellow Lease,Construction Project,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Chen Zhen Senior International Business Engineer International Trade,Contract,Finance Chinese Beijing English 
Chi Shaojie Research Fellow Contract,Intellectual Property,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
Du Xinli  International Private Law,Contract Law,Investment Law, International Trade Chinese Beijing Chinese/English 
Fei Anling Professor Real Estate,Contract,Intellectual Property Chinese Beijing Italian/English 
Feng Zhixiang Senior Engineer Construction Project,Real Estate,Sales of Commodity Housing Chinese Beijing English 
Gao Qilin Senior Economist Construction Project,Contract,Real Estate Chinese Beijing Russian 
Geng Shuwen Senior Engineer Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Guan Yide Senior Economist,Associate Research Fellow Finance,Contract,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Guo Yuzhong  Intellectual Property,Corporate Risk Control,Products and Business Compliance,Litigation and Arbitration Chinese Beijing English 
He Wanzhong  International Private Law,Contract,International Trade,Maritime Law Chinese Beijing English 
Hu Baohai  Securities and Futures Chinese Beijing English/Japanese 
Hu Wanru Senior Judge Contract,Corporate Law,Futures Chinese Beijing  
Hu Zhanquan  Film Investment,Corporate Equity,Cinema Investment Chinese Beijing English 
Ji Zongru Professor Sales Contract,Entrustment Contract,International Trade,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Jin Fengju  Contract,Real Estate,Finance,Economic and Trade Chinese Beijing French 
Li Fan Senior Judge Contract,Real Estate,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Li Hongji Lawyer Finance,Corporate Law,Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Li Hongqi Member of Royal Chartered Surveyors(MRICS) Institution of Construction Project,Technology Contract,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Li Jiaqing  Arbitration and Litigation,Engineering and Construction,Investment,International Trade,Intellectual Property,Anti-monopoly Law Chinese(Taiwan) Taipei English 
Li Jianzhong  Engineering and Construction,Construction Management,Contract Management Chinese(Taiwan) Taipei English 
Li Juxia  Real Estate,Contract,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Li Qingyan Senior Engineer Construction Property,Sales Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Li Yang Senior Economist,Lawyer Contract,Real Estate,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Li Zhengming Lawyer Insurance,Maritime,Construction Project Chinese Beijing English 
Liang Chao Lawyer Contract Law,Corporate Law,Investment and Finance,Media Industry Chinese Beijing English 
Liang Haiming  Real Estate,Telecom and Construction Project Chinese (HK) Hong Kong English/Cantonese 
Liao Shenghui  Contract,Corporate Law,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Liao Xiling Senior Economist Sales Contract,Undertaking Contract, Chinese Beijing  
Liu Guangbin Lawyer Construction Project,Sales of Commodity Housing,Insurance Chinese Beijing English 
Liu Junhai Research Fellow Contract,Corporate Law,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Liu Kaixiang Professor Contract,Corporate Law,Intellectual Property Chinese Beijing English 
Liu Ying Associate Professor Intellectual Property,Real Estate,Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Liu Yong Lawyer,Senior Economist Construction Project,Road and Bridge Project,Real Estate Chinese Beijing  
Liu Yuming Lawyer Contract,Real Estate,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing Japanese 
Lu Song Associate Professor Contract,Finance,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
Lv Guoping  International Trade,Entrustment Contract,Guarantee Chinese Beijing English 
Luo Mingtong  Intellectual Property Law,International Trade,Contract Chinese(Taiwan) Taipei English 
Nie Ying  Contract,Corporate Law,Tort Law Chinese Beijing English 
Niu Baiqian Senior Economist Contract,International Trade,Intellectual Property Chinese Beijing English 
Pang Zhengzhong Lawyer Intellectual Property,Contract,IT Chinese Beijing English 
Pei Kewei Senior Economist Construction Project,Sales Contract,Lease Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Peng Lisong Lawyer Contract,Corporate Law,Construction Project,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Qiu Chuang  Engineering and Construction,Internet,Software Development Chinese Beijing English 
Qiu Yawen  Engineering and Construction,International Trade,Finance,Securities,Corporate Law Chinese(Taiwan) Taipei English 
Qiao Gangliang Lawyer Contracts,Corporate Law,International Trade American Beijing English 
Shen Sibao Professor Contract,Corporate Law,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Song Lianbin Professor Sales Contract,International Trade,Tort Law Chinese Wuhan English 
Song Xiumei  Contract,International Trade,Private International Law Chinese Beijing English 
Su Haopeng Professor Real Estate,Contract,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Sun Jilu Professor Contract,Corporate Law,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Sun Jian Senior Judge Intellectual Property,Contract,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Sun Jing Lawyer Corporate Law,Finance,Real Estate, Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Sun Wei Lawyer Construction Project,Finance Chinese Beijing English 
Tan Jinghui Senior Economist Contracts,Construction Project,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Tan Zhongwen Senior Engineer Engineering Construction,Design and Supervision,Guaranty Law,Financial Lease Chinese Beijing English 
Tang Dehua Justice Contract,Real Estate Chinese Beijing  
Tang Guangliang  Intellectual Property,Computer and Internet,E-commerce,Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Tao Jingzhou Lawyer Foreign Investment,Technology Contract,Land Use Right Transfer French Beijing French/English 
Terence Wong  Contract,Real Estate,International Trade,Tort Law Chinese(H.K.) Shanghai English 
Wang Jialu Lawyer Corporate Law,Contract,Real Estate Chinaese Beijing German/English 
Wang Ke  International Trade,IT,Intellectual Property Chinese Beijing English 
Wang Keyu Associate Professor International Trade,International Investment,Finance,Corporation Chinese Beijing English 
Wang Qi Associate Research Fellow Intellectual Property Law and Policy,Patent Strategy,Patent Litigation,Patent Operation Chinese Beijing English 
Wang Qingyou Lawyer Construction Project,Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Wang Yang Lawyer Real Estate,Contract,Intellectual Property Chinese Beijing English 
Wang Zhouzhi Senior Engineer Construction Project,Real Estate,Economics and Trade,Corporate Counsel Chinese Shandong English 
Wei Qingyue  Foreign Investment,International Trade,Engineering and Construction,Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Wei Xianzhou  Contract,Real Estate,Engineering and Construction,Corporate Law,Securities Chinese Beijing English 
Xiao Fang Associate Professor International Trade,International Investment Chinese Beijing English/French 
Xie Dingya  Productivity Analysis of Engineering and Construction, Risk Management and Decision Making,Contract Management,Engineering and Construction Chinese(Taiwan) Taiwan English 
Xie Kun Engineer Construction Chinese Beijing English 
Xie Tianxun  Contract,Guaranty Contract,International Trade Chinese Beijing  
Xu Junke  Contract,International Trade,Maritime Law Chinese Beijing English 
Yan Yong Senior Economist Construction Project,Undertaking Contract,Sales Contract Chinese Beijing  
Yang Caixia Associate Professor International Commercial Arbitration,International Trade Law,Aviation Law,Contract Law Chinese Beijing English/French 
Yang Hong Senior Economist Construction Porject,Real Estate,Sales Contract Chinese Beijing Mongolian/English 
Yang Min  Finance,Contract,Guaranty Law,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
Yang Xiaochuan  Foreign Investment,Corporate Law,Contract,Banking Chinese Beijing English/French 
Yang Ing Loong Lawyer Joint-Venture,Shareholders'Distputs,Directors'Fiduciary Duties,IT&Licensing,International Trade and International Sale of Goods,Banking,Investment Singaporean Beijing English/Malay 
Yang Xuefang Lawyer Contract,Finance,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Yang Zaixue Research Fellow Contract,Corporate Law,Trade Mark Chinese Beijing  
Yin Yanling  Technology Contract,Sales Contract,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
You Yong  Corporate Law,Contract,Mining Law,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
Yu Tengqun Senior Economist Construction Project,Sales Contract,Lease Contract Chinese Beijing English 
Zhang Gengming Lawyer International Trade,Investment,Contract Chinese(Taiwan) Taiwan English 
Zhang Guowei  Construction Project,Sales of Commodity Housing,Real Estate Chinese Beijing English 
Zhang Jianhua Associate Professor Contract,Real Estate,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing German/English 
Zhang Lixia Lawyer Real Estate,Contract,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Zhang Ping Engineer Technological Management,Contract Law,Patent Law Chinese Beijing English 
Zhang Youliang Senior Economist Contract,Real Estate,Tort Law Chinese Beijing English 
Zhang Yuejiao Research Fellow,Professor Intellectual Property,Corporate Law,IT Chinese Beijing English/French 
Zhang Zheng Professor Corporate Law,Contract Law,Culture Industry,Mining Investment Chinese Beijing English 
Zhao Hang  Construction Project,Sales Contract,Corporate Law German Beijing German/English 
Zheng Mingjuan  Insurance,Contract Chinese Beijing  
Teresa Cheng Lawyer,Engineer Construction Project,Insurance,Trade Chinese (HK) Hong Kong English 
Zhou Weiping Lawyer,Professor Corporate Law,Real Estate,International Trade Chinese Beijing English 
Zhu Shuying Lawyer Construction Project,Real Estate Chinese Shanghai English 
Alexis Mourre Lawyer Distribution Law,Agency,Antitrust and Competition,Telecommunications,Air and Space Law,Energy,Media and Entertainment,Financial and Banking French Pairs English/French 
Bernard Hanotiau Professor Joint Ventures,Telecommunications,Oil and Gas,Pharmaceutical,Distribution Of Goods and Equipments,Military Supplies,Airline Industry,Hotel Management Belgium Brusseis French/English/Dutch/Italian/Spanish 
Charles Peter Manzoni Arbitrator,Lawyer Construction Project,Technology,General Financial and Commercial British Hong Kong English 
D. Mark Cato Professor Construction Project,General Commerce,Contract British  English 
David Laurence Kreider Lawyer IT,Internet and Telecommunications,Business Law American Auckland English/Chinese 
F. Peter Phillips  Commercial,Insurance and Reinsurance,Franchise,Employment American New Jersey English 
Hew R. Dundas  Oil,Natural Gas,Risk Management British  English 
Ing Phansavath  Community Mediation American Los Angeles French/English/Spanish 
Jeffrey Kivis  Mass Tort,Employment,Entertainment, Business,Complex Insurance,Catastrophic Injury and Class Action Matters American California English 
Jerome A Cohen Professor Commercial Law,Public Relations American New York English/Chinese 
Jim Craven  Construction,Environmental,and Commercial Litigation American Washington English 
Katherine Hope Gurun  Engineering and Construction,Business Energy,Project Finance,Joint Venture Disputes,Risk Management,and Nuclear Disarmament American San Francisco English 
Kenneth Cloke  Marital,Divorce,Family,Community,Grievance and Workplace Disputes,Collective Bargaining,Negotiations,Organizational and School Conflicts,Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, Commercial Litigation,and Public Policy Disputes American Los Angeles English 
Layn Phillips  Unfair Competition,Environmental Contamination,Securities,Tax American Los Angeles English 
Linda Meyer  Employment,Contact,Tort,Personal Injury,Business and Partnership Disputes,Insurance,Products Liability,Real Estate American Los Angeles English 
Lee Moo-jong  Construction Project South Korean  Korean/English 
Michael Hwang Lawyer Banking,Finance,corporate Law,Real Estate,Intellectual Property,Commercial Matters Singaporean Singapore English/Chinese 
Nael Georges Bunni  Construction Project,Construction Insurance Irish Dubin English/Arabic 
Nina Meierding  Family Law,Civil Disputes American Los Angeles English 
Norbert Horn Professor Contract Law,Banking Law,International Commerce and Trade,Partnership and Corporate Law German Cologne German/English/French/Spanish/Italian 
Peter Robinson  Contract,Tort,Marriage,Partnership American Los Angeles English 
Pierre A. Karrer  Contracts,Construction,Infrastructure,Mergers and Acquisition,Bonds and Guarantees,Oil And Gas Swiss Zurich English/French/German/Italian/Dutch/Spanish 
Robert B. Davidson  Contract Actions,Insurance and Reinsurance Claims,Oil and Gas Disputes, Securities,Tax,Construction,Real Estate, Intellectual Property,Employment Disputes,and Sports Matters American Los Angeles English 
Robret B. Morton Arbitrator,Lawyer Intellectual Property,Bankruptcy,E-commerce,Real Estate,Insurance American Chicago English 
Sally A. Harpole Arbitrator,Lawyer International Trade,Sales Manufacturing,Company Law,Intellectual Property American Hong Kong English/Chinese/Spanish/French 
Thomas J. Klitgaard Lawyer Acquisitions&mergers,Taxation,Patents,Trademarks,Disputes Resolution American San Francisco English/Chinese 
Thomas Stipanowich Lawyer Contract,Engineering and Construction, Commercial Law American Los Angeles English 
Volker Jurowich  Construction Project,Hydro Electro Projects,Contract German Stuttgart German/English 
Yang Byung Hui Professor Intellectual Property South Korean  Korean/German/English 
Young June Lee  Contract,Finance South Korean Seoul Korean/German 
Huang Rui  Contract, International Trade,Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Ge Yu  Contract,Real Estate, Corporate Law Chinese Beijing English 
Kang Juliang  Real Estate, Contract, Guaranty Law Chinese Beijing English 
Joseph Tirado  Bank and Finance, International Trade, Construction, Energy U.K. London English, Spanish 

Model Arbitration Clause Arbitration Clause
All disputes arising from or in connection with this contract shall be submitted to Beijing Arbitration Commission / Beijing International Arbitration Center for arbitration in accordance with its rules of arbitration in effect at the time of applying for arbitration. The arbitral award is final and binding upon both parties.
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