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Ms. Cui Yang, Chief Director of Bureau of Justice of Beijing, met with Ms. Mariel Dimsey, Secretary-General of HKIAC, and her Delegation

Publish time: 2023-9-2

On September 1, 2023, Ms. Cui Yang, Chief Director of the Bureau of Justice of Beijing, met with Ms. Mariel Dimsey, Secretary-General of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (the “HKIAC”), and her delegation. Ms. Ma Yan, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Justice of Beijing, Mr. Guo Wei, Director of the Beijing Arbitration Commission (the “BAC”), and Dr. Jiang Lili, Secretary General of BAC, attended the meeting.

Ms. Cui Yang extended welcome to Ms. Mariel Dimsey and her delegation. She pointed out that Beijing as the capital city is the political center, cultural center, international exchange center and innovation center of China. Currently, Beijing is endeavoring to construct the Demonstration Area of Expanded Opening-up of National Service and Pilot Free Trade Zone, trying its best to promote the opening up of service industries including arbitration, and focusing on the building of a first class market-oriented, legalized and international business environment, by which to provide more opportunities to enterprises and institutions from all over the world for their development in Beijing.

She highlighted that Beijing is following the deployment of the Chinese central government, building itself into an international commercial arbitration hub. For this purpose, it has released the Implementing Opinions on Improving Arbitration System, Raising Arbitration’s Credibility and Building International Arbitration Center, and is thereby proactively promoting arbitration as a dispute resolution means in international economic and trade, technical exchanges and cooperation and investment, encouraging parties both domestic and from abroad to select Beijing as the seat of arbitration, and making efforts to promote the construction of international arbitration center. Beijing has a number of large-scale enterprises, leading colleges and scientific research institutions, and high-ended international law firms, which provided plenty of market and human resources for building a vigorous arbitration industry and the development thereof, and thus the development of arbitration in Beijing is really something worth waiting for. The HKIAC is welcome to development its business in Beijing, deepen its exchanges and cooperation with the arbitration industry in Beijing, and promote arbitration jointly with arbitration institutions in Beijing, so as to have joint development and a win-win outcome.

Ms. Mariel Dimsey introduced the status quo of the HKIAC. She said that the HKIAC has extensive business requirements in mainland China, and the arbitration development in Beijing and in Hong Kong have strong complementarily, so she looked forward to strengthening the exchanges and cooperation and promoting the arbitration industry jointly with arbitration institutions in Beijing.

Resource: Wechat Account of Bureau of Beijing “Jing Si Guan Lan”

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