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Delegation of Chinese Arbitration Association visited BAC

Publish time: 2023-9-4

On the morning of September 4, 2023, a delegation of the Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (the “CAA”) consisted of Mr. Wu Yongqian, Presiding Director of CAA, Mr. Li Tianren, Secretary General of CAA, and Mr. Hou Dunyi, BD and Research Leader of CAA, visited the Beijing Arbitration Commission / Beijing International Arbitration Center (the “BAC”). Dr. Jiang Lili, Secretary General of BAC, Dr. Chen Fuyong, Deputy Secretary General of BAC, and Mr. Zhang Haoliang, Director of Business Development (International Arbitration), welcomed the delegation and had meeting with the guests.

Dr. Jiang Lili extended warm welcome to Mr. Wu and the delegation. She said that the BAC has a long history of cooperation with the CAA, and thus the two institutions have solid foundation to work with each other. During recent years, the BAC has made many leading reforms within the arbitration industry, with a steady growth of its caseload and disputed amount, and will keep its endeavor to promote the development of arbitration. Dr. Jiang also presented a detailed introduction of the development of arbitration institutions in mainland China, and highlighted that the construction of the “Demonstration Area of Expanded Opening-up of National Service and Pilot Free Trade Zone” and international arbitration hub in Beijing is a significant opportunity, not only for the BAC but also for other arbitration institutions, either domestic or from abroad. Based on the principles of joint development and sharing, he BAC expected to deepen the exchanges and cooperation with the CAA, and promote the development of arbitration both in mainland China and in Taiwan.

Mr. Wu introduced the CAA’s organizational framework and functions, its caseload in recent years, and the construction of its court of arbitration. He said that the CAA is the most time-honored arbitration institution in Taiwan, holding a lead in caseload, administration system and hearing facilities. 

During the meeting, the host and the guest also had discussion on the amendment to the PRC Arbitration Law, the cultivation of international arbitration talents, the arbitration fee calculated on the basis of an hourly rate, the emergency arbitrator and interim measures, the virtual hearing and the case management system. Both parties agreed to jointly promote the exchange and development on arbitration practice of both mainland China and Taiwan, establish a platform of exchange and cooperation for the arbitration and law community, build favorable business environments and provide qualified dispute resolution services to enterprises of both sides of the Taiwan straight.

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